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10 Benefits of Health IT — and Why We Should Care

  • 25 Nov 11

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While I think most people, if asked, would agree that IT has a place in healthcare, I don’t think many fully realize what this can do — and how much room there is for growth.  Industry leaders such as Cerner provide fairly complete solutions to making the medical field digital, but there are some more specialized firms such as Compumed that are making waves.

But here is the room for growth: there are hundreds of millions of smartphones in people’s pockets right now.  This means that you just need to add a Bluetooth or dock/USB connected telemedicine monitor to your smartphone.  The device becomes the processor and data connection.  With an aging population in the US, this means big business.  When you think about the benefits this provides to a small clinic in a developing part of the world, the impact is monumental.


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