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Ryan Bank is an Emerging Technology Expert and Innovation Evangelist.  Bank is the Founder of Social Intelligence Corporation, a start-up company that enables governments and corporate clients to gather Social and Open Source Intelligence. Besides advising governments and corporations on the use of Emerging Technology, Bank is also a featured speaker both nationally and internationally on the organizational value of Innovation.  He also teaches at Northwestern University, examining the intersection of technology and global development.

Ryan Bank developed a system — deployed by the US Coast Guard — that used social media monitoring to find survivors after the 2010 Haiti earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Based on an extensive set of tools — including the remarkable work of several NGOs and Private Volunteer Organizations — he was able to monitor hundreds of thousands of messages coming from Haiti, looking for those that needed immediate rescue. Upon receiving distress messages, Bank worked with military responders to coordinate message traffic with information from other sources. Ultimately, this intelligence would be passed to commanders in the field and rescue teams were launched to the location.

Prior to his work in Emerging Technology and Social Innovation, Ryan Bank was one of the most acclaimed film and television producers his age, receiving national and international professional awards and recognition, including an Emmy nomination. Ryan has also been featured on many radio and television shows, as well as in the print media. He was named one of the “30 Brightest under 30 in Entertainment” by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Bank founded Clayton Entertainment Enterprises, Incorporated, a production and distribution company based in the Chicago area. His company worked on an international documentary on Dr. Eugene Lazowski, an unknown hero of the Holocaust and World War II. Using a multinational film crew in Poland and the United States, the project, entitled A Private War, led to his spending two days with the Secretary of State of Poland, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the heads of the Polish television and film industries.


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