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Men paint over a graffiti of an ISIS flag on the wall in Surakarta, Indonesia, August 5, 2014. Agoes Rudianto/Barcroft Media /Landov The Islamic State wants to rule the world. It murders enemies—sometimes in mass, sometimes individually, always brutally. It enslaves and abuses women. It jails everyday joes for smoking, drinking, trading, or speaking their minds. It is a brutal, […]

Ola Kowalczyk Updated on Sep 11, 2014 19,728 Having no time doesn’t mean you have to stop reading. Just pick up the shorter book. Half Price Books, one of America’s favorite independent booksellers, asked their customers to recommend books under 200 pages that would be a perfect companion of a book lover. The image below displays top 55 recommendations. Of Mice and […]

DroneDeploy is launching the first drone software capable of creating orthorectified maps in real-time. Farmers, surveyors and search and rescue teams typically had to wait for 4-6 hours for maps to be created out of drone imagery, but now can start making decisions with data as it’s collected live. Tim VanDermyden, CEO of Stratos Aerial, a Surveying Drone company explains […]

We’ve known for a few months now that Facebook wants to beam wireless internet access to unconnected parts of the world using solar-powered, laser-equipped drones. But now one of the leaders of the project has revealed more mind-boggling details, including the fact that Facebook envisions drones the size of a Boeing 747 commercial airliner and wants to keep them flying for months, […]

Even if you live in a particularly disaster-prone place, you probably don’t have a disaster kit–most Americans don’t. If you do have one, there’s still a good chance you might not find it quickly during in an emergency. That’s why a new kit from Japanese design firm Nosigner exists to be easily accessible. It’s small enough to fit on a […]

Over 11 million people in Brazil, about 6 percent of the country’s total population, live in slums of cities called favelas, according to the latest census figures. Among the myriad challenges that arise in these dense, impoverished urban areas, getting mail may seem to be a surprising one. Yet due to the unique, improvised architecture of favelas — the fact that […]

Editor’s note: Nick Rojas is a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles, Calif. As a civilization, we may not be getting smarter. However, the technologies we use certainly are. Since the introduction of the smartphone, we’ve witnessed the emergence of smart homes, smart power grids, and even smart football stadiums for helping fans find parking spaces. Lately, the […]

Physicist Peter Eisenberger had expected colleagues to react to his idea with skepticism. He was claiming, after all, to have invented a machine that could clean the atmosphere of its excess carbon dioxide, making the gas into fuel or storing it underground. And the Columbia University scientist was aware that naming his two-year-old startup Global Thermostat hadn’t exactly been an […]