Everyone can make a difference, especially with numerous crowdsourcing opportunities available today.  With an internet connection and a willingness to help, you can have a huge impact.

Here are some current opportunities to help.  We will update this with up-to-date opportunities around major events as they arise.

Urgent Opportunities

Nepal Earthquake
Help respond digitally to the April 25 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Nepal.


Ongoing Research or Crowdsourcing Opportunities

This is probably one of the most valuable ways to help in times where there is no urgent opportunities.  By mapping “real” world, not just the “official” one, emergency responders can help save numerous lives post-disaster.

Old Weather
Help transcribe old ship logs to “digitize” old weather — this helps researchers predict the future climate by understanding its history

Verify Library Data
Microtasks designed to identify different books that have the same ISBN

Rosetta Project
Help document and preserve languages by collecting and translating text

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