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On Steve Jobs’ anniversary, a movie by Casey Neistat

  • 05 Oct 12

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From Casey Neistat:

i made this movie in 2007 but never published it. steve jobs’ death reminded me of it. in 2000 i was living in a trailer park when apple released the iMac DV, the first consumer machine that could edit video. i maxed out my credit card and got one. no film school, it was that computer that got me into films and provided me with the career i have today. sad to lose steve jobs.

I, too, have a similar appreciation for what Steve Jobs and Apple’s technology has done for my career.  I started in media, editing on the beast of a Mac tower we had at my high school.  I had to wait overnight for a video edit to render, but it was by far the best non-linear editor around.  (Non-linear isn’t even used to describe video anymore.)

After that, I have used Macs exclusively to encode video and then to do social intelligence gathering (ultimately used to save numerous people in Haiti and Japan, after the earthquake and tsunami.)  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have the same career without Macs.