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Biography of Ryan Bank
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Geospatial Intelligence Center

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Ryan Bank, Managing Director of the Geospatial Intelligence Center (GIC), brings vision and strategy to his organization’s one-of-a-kind geospatial program that is revolutionizing how insurers serve policyholders through location-based information.

Recipient of a 2018 Washington Technology Government Innovation Award, the GIC was born out of the need for immediate and rapid insight into disaster situations. It now delivers fast and comprehensive catastrophe response through ultra-high resolution vertical and oblique imagery within hours of a catastrophic event. The program’s innovative approach to disaster response provides critical situational awareness to first-responders to help save lives and to insurers to more rapidly resolve claims and assist policyholders. Additionally, the GIC empowers underwriting through accurate, detailed and current geospatial imagery and analytics for insight into property condition to mitigate risk and reduce fraud.

Traveling a large part of each year, Ryan is a featured speaker both nationally and internationally on the organizational value of Social Innovation and Emerging Technology. In 2010, Bank developed a system — deployed by the US Coast Guard — that used social media monitoring to find survivors after the Haiti earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This system was able to monitor hundreds of thousands of messages coming from Haiti. This intelligence was passed to commanders in the field and rescue teams were launched to the location. His life’s mission and work leading the GIC continues to provide much needed information to support response to disaster events.

Ryan Bank and GIC support first responders

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

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Geospatial Intelligence Center
  • Insuretech Connect, Las Vegas, USA (Sept 21-23, 2020)


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